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LEKI Nordic Walking poles are slightly modified versions of our world-famous Trekking poles. All poles feature a narrow profile "cross country"-style grip with the Adjustable/Releasable Trigger Strap. Shafts are composed of expedition-grade aluminum. All poles feature Carbide Tips, removable Rubber Fitness Walking Tips and Baskets.

pole lock/expander
LEKI Super Lock System
LEKI Nordic Walking poles allow you to adjust the length of the poles to your height and walking surface. The Super Lock System provides optimum locking with less tightening torque than most adjustable poles. This is the strongest system in the world, with 360 degree reverse turn security and 140kg holding force. It was tested and endorsed by TÜV, the official technical test center in Germany.
trigger strap
LEKI Adjustable / Releasable Trigger Strap
LEKI's Adjustable/Releasable Trigger Strap offers superior wrist support and the convenience of a releasable system. You can easily click in and out of the grip to grab your water bottle or slip on a jacket and do warm-up/cool-down exercises.
rubber fitness tips
LEKI Rubber Fitness Tips
Designed to grip pavement and deliver added support and stability, the LEKI Rubber Fitness Tips should always face towards the back, behind you. This position allows you to "push off" more efficiently, increasing your upper body workout. Remove the Rubber Fitness Tips to expose the Carbide Flextips if you Nordic Walk on gravel or slick surfaces.