Nordic Walking Glossary

Straps - Usually nylon, this part wraps around your hand and attaches to the grip of the Nordic Walking pole. There are two connecting systems; Trigger 1 and Trigger 2. On certain models, a glove/strap combo is also available (ex. Summer Shark glove with Dyneema loop)

Shaft - The Aluminum or Carbon section(s) of the pole. Most poles have two sections; upper and lower. Our Traveller model is available in both Aluminum and Carbon and has three sections; upper, middle and lower. This model has maximum compactability and is great when you want to take your poles with you in luggage.

Sleeve - The plastic component that covers where the shafts join together. It is to keep the dirt out and has no locking function.

Expander - The internal mechanism that expands when turned to grip the inside of the shaft, allowing you to maintain a specific extended length. These are replaceable and should be monitored for normal wear over time.

Rubber Tip - Attaches over the Carbide Flextip on Nordic Walking poles. Comes in four styles.