Poles with straps are a thing of the past

Binding straps on alpine ski poles have long since been replaced by modern safety straps and are an essential part of alpine skiing. In the same way, LEKI Trigger S poles are the new generation of ski poles – the first safety binding in the grip, with a strap that clicks in and out. Just as safe and easy as modern ski bindings.

In general, you can pull the clickable strap over any glove and enjoy the safety and comfort of the Trigger S system.

LEKI gloves, which have the patented Trigger S system already built into them, provide maximum comfort and safety. (Trigger S glove) The complete strap is built into the glove in such a way that only a small ring-like opening made of flexible and highly tear-resistant material (comparable to parachute and sail straps) pokes out of the glove at the inner hand. The complex interior is nearly imperceptible to the sight and touch.

You can literally feel the advantages of the gloves: The glove is clicked directly into the ski pole, and with the simple press of a button, it is just as easily released. The awkward fumbling in and out of conventional pole straps is now over, thanks to this simple click technology. Due to the special construction, the integrated Trigger S system in the glove is hardly perceptible. That’s why the LEKI Trigger S glove also works as a normal warm winter glove and can be used with older, conventional poles with no problem whatsoever. The Trigger S glove combined with the Trigger S pole is a uniquely perfect combination when it comes to comfort, safety and skiing fun.

For the highest level of comfort and customer value, we only use high-quality choice materials so that our LEKI gloves keep your hands warmer for the long haul and improve your outdoor experience.