LEKI adjustment systems

Telescopic trekking poles can be perfectly adjusted for length so that optimal leverage when ascending and the best hold for load relief when descending can be guaranteed.

Adjustable Nordic walking poles are variable, which allows you to find your personal pole length. In addition, this pole length can be changed to account for ability or speed.

The pole sections have to provide reliable hold in every situation – a decisive demand on our locking systems. For this reason, LEKI has developed the world’s best internal and external locking system (using pins and levers, respectively).

The best locking system from LEKI

Speedlock is the first, and up to now, the only external locking system with TÜV Süd certification worldwide. The 55 kg required by TÜV has been significantly surpassed. A safety reserve which can be vital. Re-adjustment of the holding force is possible at any time.
  • Highest holding force of all external locking systems on the market for additional safety.
  • Extremely quick adjustment and fastening even when wearing thick gloves in wet weather, ice and snow.
  • Mechanism is self-explanatory and easy to use.

LEKI Facts

  • The strongest external locking system (worldwide) – 100% stronger with only 50% clamping force
  • Can be quickly and easily adjusted at any temperature
  • Holding force adjustable without tools

Super Lock System – internal locking system
  • Maximum safety
  • Highest holding force (140 kg guaranteed)
  • Extremely high back turn security (more than 360 °)(mehr als 360 °)

LEKI Facts

  • The strongest, lightest and safest locking system on the market (worldwide)