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Trigger Shark
The revolution in the Nordic sports sector is the Nordic Trigger Shark grip – strap system. The Nordic trigger connects the strap and pole. It guarantees optimal transmission of energy from the arm to the pole and is comfortable to put on and take off.
The clicking-in system offers the highest level of comfort: blowing your nose, grabbing your water bottle and gymnastic exercises are no longer a problem. Simply push the button to remove the strap from the grip; it always stays around your hand. And it’s just as easy to re-connect it to the grip – just click it in.

With the LEKI Shark strap system, which was developed together with professional winter sport athletes, LEKI has taken all the advantages from the competitive sport sector and adapted them to the needs of cross-country skiers and Nordic walkers.

As it is constantly being further developed, the Shark system always offers the best transmission of energy available and the highest level of comfort. The small ring-like opening between the thumb and pointer finger is practicably unnoticeable.
  • Strap can be quickly and easily locked into place / released from the grip
  • Perfect fit, ideal transmission of energy
  • Highest level of comfort for cross-country skiing and Nordic walking

Trigger Shark glove
The system is perfectly supplemented by the Shark glove – the strap is fully incorporated into the glove, creating an optimal unit.
  • Simple, direct clicking into / out of the Shark grip on the pole
  • Maximum comfort due to the most direct possible contact between the hand and the pole
  • Perfect fit – sizes 6-11 available, including half-sizes

Nordic PA Shark
  • Grip position optimized by 15°
  • More effective power transfer / more energy due to longer thrust phase
  • Improved swing action / perfect guidance

  • Biathlete Andreas Birnbacher (GER) about the new PA Shark:
    “The new Shark PA grip harmonises power transfer and swing action, bringing the master plan of LEKI poles to perfection!”