The most important connection to a trekking pole is the grip

LEKI has developed the most revolutionary, safest and most comfortable trekking grip out there, the Aergon. These innovative grip forms and materials make sure you have an ergonomic grip on every trekking tour and hike. In addition, this system provides a strap with an easily-adjustable safety release.

LEKI Executive Director Klaus Lenhart (*1.5.1955 † 30.4.2012) confesses to for years having had a good, but not perfect, grip for trekking and hiking; this was a situation he found somewhat wanting. Then, one day, he got inspired during a snack break on a hike in Allgäu: “A banana and the form of an egg sit very easily in a human hand. That’s when I noticed that an ergonomic form better supports the use of the pole on long trips, making them more comfortable. Then the idea was put to paper and the first tests with samples were presented to our mountain guides.”

LEKI offers the following tip:
“Every customer should try out the grip before buying a pole; only then can you feel the importance of the grip when hiking. Because, in the end, you hold the grip for hours during hiking. Nothing should be pressing uncomfortably on your hand, and everything should be in harmony with the ergonomics of the grip. This means a higher level of safety due to larger supporting surfaces, making most diverse types of grips possible.”