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The ski pole with integrated security system

“Trigger S“ is the name of the new era coming on the market for alpine skiing 2007/2008. A revolutionary new development in the field of alpine poles and gloves. With this sensational innovation LEKI sets a new standard once again. “Trigger S” stands for maximum skiing comfort and unmatched security, underlined by a “trend-setting design”.

In 1998/99 the visionary Klaus Lenhart introduced a radical change to alpine ski poles with “Trigger” 1. More security, more comfort and a better power transmission have been enduring until today and still remain the unbeatable advantages of the former revolution. No more “troublesome stripping off the strap from the glove”, because the strap can easily be clicked in and out the grip with the touch of a button. In addition risk danger of being injured by “whirling” poles has been reduced significantly, because the strap releases upwards at high tension, such as occurring in a fall. The broad cut of the strap around the glove as well as the direct contact to the grip result in a perfect power transmission. A strap which is permanently connected to the pole is “out” just like the obsolete ski binding with binding straps.

The further development of Trigger 1 was based on the basic idea of incorporating a ski pole with a safety binding. “Trigger S” stands for the most simple and fast function combined with a sophisticated security system. The special spring system shows absolutely constant release values. The connection between grip and strap, between grip and glove was reduced to a ring-shaped loop made of a tearproof material, such as used in the production of parachutes. This loop is inserted in the grip from above.

The “Trigger S“ grip/strap system leaves no doubt. It functions reliably, even at extremely low temperatures. Even a kid can handle it within no time. It is no wonder, that “The Trigger” in all its versions makes its way in alpine skiing, cross country skiing and Nordic walking.

In addition LEKI developed a glove line, that matches perfectly with the system. The imperceptible Trigger Loop is integrated into the glove design. An internal powerframe provides ideal power distribution all over the complete glove and provides stability. The line comprises gloves for racers and recreational skiers, gloves and mittens in ladies, mens and kids versions.