• 2013

    LEKI - Best Brand 2013

    We are stoked!

    Readers of the Outdoor-Magazin chose LEKI for “BEST BRAND 2013” in the category Outdoor-Accessories.

    Thank you for all the trust in our products and our brand.
  • 2013

    Schladming 2013

    The successful LEKI athletes of the
    alpine world championship 2013 in Schladming.

    Four world champion titles through Maria Höfl-Riesch (GER), Marion Rolland (FRA), Tessa Worley (FRA) and Mikaela Shiffrin (USA).
    Five silver medals for Felix Neureuther (GER), Michaela Kirchgasser (AUT), Gauthier de Tessieres (FRA), Dominik Paris (ITA) and Ivica Kostelic (CRO).
    Bronze for Maria Höfl-Riesch (GER), Frida Hansdotter (SWE), David Poisson (FRA), Romed Baumann (AUT), Manfred Moelgg (ITA) and Mario Matt (AUT).

    Congratulations to our WCH-Heroes! The ambition and the great effort of our athletes makes us with sensational 15 medals to the most successful pole supplier of the world championship.
  • 2013

    ISPO Awards

    LEKI Speedstick (Summer 13)
    The Ultimate Gear for Trail Runners.
    ISPO Award Winner 2013 - Segment Products/Performance/Accessoires

    LEKI Strike Carbon (Winter 13/14)
    Swift as an arrow with the new Trigger PA Shark.
    ISPO Award Gold Winner 2013 - Segment Ski/Poles
  • 2013

    Micro Sticks

    These are the most important features of a foldable pole for Ueli Steck:

    • Minimum packing size
    • Low weight
    • Fast and easy handling
    • Extremely high stability reserves

    Perfect for reaching the via ferrata, for trail running and also as a travel pole.
  • 2012

    LEKI Future

    Waltraud Lenhart together with the proven and highly-qualified LEKI team will use all their experience to continue the strategic lifetime achievement and the passion of Klaus Lenhart. For two years now his son Markus Lenhart has worked in the Engineering and Development Department and in the future, he will take over responsibility in other areas.

    The lust for innovation and the basic idea of “making the good even better” with an additional value for the customers as well as for the distributors of LEKI products will remain LEKI’s first priority now and in the future.
  • 2012

    In Memoriam

    Klaus Lenhart was a wonderful person full of inspiration, energy and wisdom.
    A charismatic visionary whose straightforwardness earned him respect, admiration and high esteem throughout the sports industry. He was a passionate entrepreneur and together with his wife Waltraud, he led approximately 250 employees with great passion and responsibility.

    His motivation and his courage for far-reaching and sometimes unconventional decisions paved the way for countless innovations and patents and made LEKI a technology and brand leader in the field of poles and glove systems.

  • 2012

    SAZ Ranking - LEKI most attractive brand

    Sporting goods retailers vote Leki (1,6) as most attractive brand. In the overall ranking the brand from Kirchheim Teck ranks in 10th place.
  • 2012

    Worldcup Season 2011/12

    In 2011/12 LEKI dominates the Worldcup Season again.

    LEKI-Athletes win 7 of 10 Crystal Balls and the Overall Worldcup of the Ladies.
  • 2011

    LEKI donates 10,000 EURO

    German ski pole and glove specialist LEKI is donating €10,000 to the Japanese Red Cross. The money will be used for medical care for those affected by the earthquake and tsunami catastrophe.
    The Japanese Red Cross has been working constantly since the 11th of March with more than 90 emergency teams. The medical professionals are treating injured persons in the area of the catastrophe and are taking care of those in emergency housing. In addition to blankets, food and water, the survivors also receive psychological care.
    To Klaus Lenhart, who has developed a strong relationship to Japan on business trips, it's important that the donation systematically and effectively supports those in need of help. Klaus Lenhart is also planning a long-term help project for Japan which will spread over the next three years.
  • 2011

    Worldcup Season 2010/11

    LEKI marks strongest pole company of the Alpine Worldcup Season 2010/11 – LEKI successful more than ever! Trigger S dominates the Worldcup Season 2010/11 with both Overall Winners Ivica Kostelic and Maria Riesch.

    Additionally LEKI Athletes win 8 of 10 Crystall Balls of the disciplines.

  • 2010

    LEKI Lenhart Gmbh has helped Klaus Lenhart into the final round for two business awards.

    The first was “Entrepreneur of the Year 2010” competition, and the second was the Dr. Rudolf-Eberle
    Innovation Prize 2010 in Baden-Württemberg.

    Business awards honor innovation and personal dedication. The key to well-run businesses is usually the work of qualified employees and a strategic, charming company director who shows willingness to take risks, a sense for business opportunities as well as the required know-how. To be able to be flexible and react to market conditions, quick decision-making processes and efficient organizational structures are absolutely necessary.

    Klaus Lenhart, owner and manager of LEKI Lenhart GmbH, has turned his company into the world market leader in the pole and glove system industry with these principles.

    “I’m very happy about being chosen as a finalist”, said Klaus Lenhart about reaching the final rounds of the “Entrepreneur of the Year 2010” and the Dr. Rudolf-Eberle Innovation Prize 2010 competitions. There were several hundred applications for both awards.
    The audit and consulting firm Ernst & Young is giving out the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award for the 14th time. “Due to its strict criteria, the prize has earned an excellent reputation”, said Wolfgang Glauner, project leader of the competition. “The performance of the candidates is not only judged on the company’s numbers, but in personal conversations with the candidates. It’s a strong field of candidates and therefore no easy task for the jury.” The jury itself is top-class, including among others Dr. h.c. Lothar Späth, Minister President a.D, senior adviser at Merrill Lynch. On November 12th, the “Entrepreneur of the Year 2010” will be announced in the Alte Oper in Frankfurt.

    The Dr. Rudolf-Eberle Prize, named after former Baden-Württemberg Minister of Economic Affairs, recognizes particular innovation which serves technical progress and economic success. It has been awarded for 26 years from the state of Baden-Württemberg. The Minister of Economic Affairs awards the prizes and honorable mentions in a public event on Wednesday the 24th of November, 2010, in the Haus der Wirtschaft Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart.

  • 2010

    Editor´s Choice Award

    Editor´s Choice Award 2010 für Carbonlite XL
  • 2010

    Speed Lock

    Speed Lock is the first, and up to now, the only external locking system with TÜV Süd certification worldwide.
    The 55 kg required by TÜV has been significantly surpassed.
    A safety reserve which can be vital. Re-adjustment of the holding force is possible at any time.

    Highest holding force of all external locking systems on the market for additional safety.

    Extremely quick adjustment and fastening even when wearing thick gloves in wet weather, ice and snow.

    Mechanism is self-explanatory and easy to use.

  • 2010

    Olympic heroes

    We’re proud of our Olympic heroes and thank them for their faith in us. The ambition and fighting spirit of our athletes made us the most successful pole supplier at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver.
    73 medals: 30 gold, 22 silver, 21 bronze
  • 2009

    Aergon Griff

    Schlaufe mit Sicherheitsauslösung für ein geringeres verletzungsrisiko
    Kantenfreie Außenform für variabelste Greifmöglichkeiten
    Große Stützfläche für sicheren Halt
    Hohlraumtechnologie für absolute Leichtigkeit
  • 2009

    Günther Oettinger visits LEKI at the Outdoor trade fair in Friedrichshafen

    In the last few years, the OutDoor in Friedrichshafen has turned into the internationally leading trade fair as well as an important meeting place in the outdoor industry. The worldwide outdoor industry celebrated their trends and innovations there last week (16th-19th of July). Minister President Günther Oettinger traveled to Friedrichshafen to open the extension of the fair (two additional halls as well as another entrance foyer) and the OutDoor 2009 itself. Afterwards, he didn’t miss the chance to take in the booths, which made a big impression on him. At LEKI’s booth, the Kirchheim world market leader in ski and trekking poles, he had a conversation with company owner Klaus Lenhart. The only real sustainable innovations are for Klaus Lenhart are those which are still on the market in 10 years. His attitude that “innovations are more important than subsidies” was cheerfully seconded by Minister President Oettinger.

    There was much interest in the newest LEKI developments in the trekking and Nordic walking industry, such as the revolutionary “Aergon” generation of grips or the “Speed Lock” adjustment system, which will be available in stores in the spring of 2010.

    Sustainability is not only desirable with products, but it also essential in business relationships. Virtues such as product quality, supplier punctuality/reliability, service by the office and field staff, sales support and good partner behavior are experiencing a Renaissance and were scrutinized in the SAZsport supplier ranking. LEKI is thrilled have gotten 3rd place behind outdoor clothing maker Fjällräven and backpack specialist Deuter. The sporting goods paper surveyed German sporting goods retailers prior to the trade fair to get their results.
  • 2009

    "Gear of the year"

    Motorpresse Stuttgart once again called for a large reader’s choice contest in Outdoor Magazin this summer. In 15 categories, over 4,400 participants rated the sport industry’s outdoor equipment.

    For the fifth time, LEKI was the decisive winner in the trekking pole category. 77% of votes were cast for the Carbonlite model, which was “entered into the race” this year. This result highlights the trend towards light, high-quality, functional pieces of equipment.
  • 2009

    LEKI Lenhart GmbH is honored by the ISPO a partner from the very start

    The ISPO international sporting goods trade fair is the largest in the industry. It took place from the 7th to 10th of February in Munich, and there was every reason to celebrate. This fair has been taking place for 40 years, and the Kirchheim world market leader in the pole and glove system has been an exhibitor for every single one. Petra Griessel from Messe München was pleased to award LEKI owner Klaus Lenhart the plaque of honor. She pointed out that very few exhibitors have such a long tradition, not to mention so much experience and success.

    This success is no coincidence. At every single trade fair in these last 40 years, LEKI has presented useful innovations which provided their customers with more comfort and security, and were and are trendsetters in their industry.

    This year at a separate booth, LEKI made for quite a splash in the free rider and freestyle skier scene with the Pimp your Pole collection. Big names such as record-holder in cliff ski jumping Jamie Pierre, and pioneer free rider and freestyle skier Glen Plake (both from the US) and wild young athletes from the Freestyle Pro International Team such as Bene Mayr (Germany), Eva Patscheider (Austria) and Andri Ambuehl (Switzerland) signed posters and answered questions along with the LEKI team.

    At the main booth, the completely rehauled winter hiking collection shone with the LEKI “Speed Lock” external adjustment system. Two days before the trade fair began, this was certified by TÜV Süd as the first and only external adjustment system due to the fact that the holding force significantly surpasses the required 55 kg.

    In addition, getting a lot of attention was the extensive glove collection, which is equipped with features specific to the alpine, cross-country or winter hiking target groups.

    At the ISPO, more than 64,000 international guests from 117 countries came to get information on new trends and innovations in the sporting goods industry on 890,000 m² of space.

  • 2008

    LEKI voted as best ski pole brand

    The readers of the DSV aktiv Ski & Sportmagazin have decided: LEKI has once again been voted the best ski pole brand with an outstanding 83.9%. 7.095 participants answered the magazine’s request to take part in the reader’s choice in volumes 3-4/2008. Such a clear cut result was achieved in no other category. Editor-in-chief Andreas Kern congratulated LEKI on this amazing win, which the new “Trigger S” technology certainly contributed to.

    LEKI is already in 4th place with 28.1% in the ski glove category. LEKI gained an impressive 7 percentage points since last year. This shows that LEKI has become an established glove producer and is winning over customers with its collection. This collection has the perfect glove for everyone; men, women and children, alpine or cross-country skiers, professionals or amateurs.
  • 2008

    LEKI donates to the DAV to support path restoration

    The four-day Outdoor trade fair in Friedrichshafen ended recently. At the fair, LEKI Lenhart GmbH presented a completely new design of the “Aergon” trekking grip, the “Trigger Summer Shark” glove for Nordic walkers and the “Speed Tip” for stopping precision in Nordic walking. The products will be available in sport stores beginning in spring of 2009. During a press conference, LEKI Lenhart GmbH manager Klaus Lenhart gave Thomas Urban, manager of the DAV, a 6,000 euro donation on the occasion of the company’s 60th birthday.

    Thomas Urban is excited that the path restoration projects in Garmisch, costly and long-overdue, can now be tackled. For four main DAV paths in the Ammergau Alps, extensive work such as the repair, expansion and leveling of paths, new systems and design of water channels as well as necessary switchback damage repair lie ahead. Some rocky and craggy passages have to be picked through and blasted out.

    The DAV appreciates the dedication shown by LEKI Lenhart GmbH, since the organization has to assume liability for the paths and unfortunately receives less and less financial support by the government. LEKI manager Klaus Lenhart is pleased that the donation will be used in a beautiful area where many of his customers use their LEKI poles.
  • 2008

    "Trigger S"

    Trigger S establishes itself in the pole industry. “Trigger S” is one of the most spectacular innovations ever seen for poles and gloves. The first “safety binding” in a ski pole. A long-stroke spring system in the grip stands out due to absolute and constant trigger values; it triggers when tensile stress enters from below. The connection between the grip and strap, or alternatively, directly to the glove, has been minimized to a ring-like opening made of tear-proof material which has been tried and tested in parachute production.

    “Trigger S” doesn’t leave room for doubt; it features perfect comfort and safety never before achieved. Patent-protected products which are highlighted aesthetically by a “trendsetting design” and provide optimal outdoor fun. The correction zone is integrated into the grip. Just click in and head out to the mountain.
  • 2007

    Alpin Trigger S

    Alpin Trigger S - die erste Sicherheitsbindung im Skistock erhält ebenfalls zwei Auszeichnungen - den European ISPO Skiing Award und den Innovations Award des deutschen Skimagazins.
  • 2000

    Production facilities

    Christening of the new production facilities in Tachov/CZ –
    one of the world’s biggest state-of-the-art ski pole production plants.

    MAKALU Ultralite – the approx. 20% lighter version of the classic MAKALU.
  • 1999

    Anti-shock spring system

    This system allows the anti-shock spring system to be adjusted in three stages. This means anyone can set their preferred spring stiffness or switch off the spring all together, depending on their weight and other factors.
    Triple Spring System – the anti-shock system is rehauled and turned into a three-stage system.
  • 1998

    Trigger System

    Obsessed with safety, Klaus Lenhart demands constant development. The absolute sensation is the revolutionary Trigger system which was introduced for alpine poles. At the same time, the first LEKI gloves were launched.
  • 1997

    LEKI Lenhart GmbH

    Company name change to LEKI Lenhart GmbH
  • 1996

    Turbo Disc grips

    Turbo Disc grips allow for variable strap adjustment for the very first time. At the same time, an additional function enables reliable fastening.
  • 1993

    CorTec grips

    To achieve an even more comfortable grip,
    the first CorTec grips are introduced.

  • 1988

    Grips – ErgoSoft

    Once again a trailblazer, LEKI develops the first two-component grip in the world – ErgoSoft. This new product quickly establishes itself and is now the undisputed standard for skiing and trekking poles.
  • 1985

    Correction zone

    To optimize swing behavior and take the stress off the wrist, Klaus Lenhart introduces the innovative shaft correction zone after a long testing phase.
  • 1984


    Klaus Lenhart – Karl Lenhart’s youngest son – becomes sole manager.
  • 1982


    The first anti-shock trekking poles
  • 1980

    Winter tour baskets

    Winter tour baskets with fiber ribbon
  • 1978

    Mount Everest

    Reinhold Messner & Peter Habeler
    Climbed Mount Everest in 1978 without bottled oxygen
  • 1975


    FLEX TIP – once again, Karl Lenhart invents something revolutionary which drastically improved pole lifetime. No wonder this has become a standard that has endured to this day.
  • 1974


    When Karl Lenhart developed a fully-functional spreader system, the LEKI Classic adjustment system, the foundation for the LEKI “MAKALU” – the first adjustable trekking pole in the world – was laid.
  • 1973

    Cross-country poles

    LEKI starts producing cross-country poles.
  • 1970

    LEKI alpine poles

    LEKI launches the first alpine poles with the LEKI name.
  • 1963

    High-strength aluminum 7075 – duraluminum – shafts

    High-strength aluminum 7075 – duraluminum – shafts; even today, LEKI is the only company in the world that tempers these shafts in-house. This is how consistently high-quality standards can be guaranteed.

    Plastic grips/baskets – until this time, only leather models were available on the market. Karl Lenhart manufactured the first injection molds in order to be able to mass-produce ergonomic plastic grips. To live up to his own safety standards, Karl Lenhart fiddled with the straps until he found a practical solution made from automatic (leather) straps.
  • 1962

    “LEKIFIX” attachment sleeve

    “LEKIFIX” attachment sleeve for ski pole baskets – today, Karl Lenhart‘s innovation is mounted on every ski pole.
  • 1960

    Glass fiber composite shafts

    Glass fiber composite shafts –
    these materials are used for the first time for ski pole production.

  • 1948

    Foundation of LEKI

    LEKI Lenhart GmbH started as a wood processing factory founded in Dettingen/Teck in 1948 by Karl Lenhart. This factory manufactured wooden letters for bakery and butcher shop signs. It was the personal dissatisfaction of the founder that sparked the unique start of LEKI: Karl Lenhart was a passionate skier who was never happy with the quality and function of the ski poles sold at the time. So he started to make his own grips and baskets for ski poles with his machinery. By the 60’s, these products were in series production.

    As Lenhart had experience in the aircraft industry, he knew how aluminum and composite are processed. Using these raw materials, he manufactured his first ski poles. In 1970, with the name LEKI, which is derived from the name of the owner and the company’s head office location – Lenhart in Kircheim – he entered the market.

    In 1984, his youngest son Klaus Lenhart became the sole manager of the company. The product range was permanently expanded, the production quantity increased and new markets were opened up. Cross country poles and the first telescopic poles created anywhere in the world, named “Makalu”, followed the original alpine poles. Later, racing accessories, gloves and Nordic walking poles became part of the product portfolio.
  • 1948

    Foundation of LEKI

    Glass fiber composite shafts –
    these materials are used for the first time for ski pole production.