The small and cleverly folded version of a Trekking Pole

These are the most important features of a foldable pole for Ueli Steck:

  • - Minimum packaging size
  • - Low weight
  • - Fast and easy handling
  • - Extremely high stability

These features are ideal for easy hiking, because the Micro Stick is a reliable companion on approaches.

The well-proven Speed Lock System provides the ideal clamping technique for high stability and easy handling. Equipped with the Aergon grip including a large ergonomic support area and edgeless shape offering security and a variety of gripping options. All segments are made of Aluminum alloy of high tensile strength.

Perfect for reaching the via ferrata and for paragliding. With packing size of only 39 cm the Micro Stick can be stored inside your rucksack and cannot get caught in dangerous situations.

Available lengths of 110, 120 and 130 cm.