Smart Tip

The new LEKI Smart Tip – a real multi terrain talent for even more fun in Nordic Walking. The slip-proof pad ensures good grip on pavement surfaces and the integrated, telescopic carbide tip provides steady hold on meadows, mud and snow.

A total of 4 Nordic Walking models of the LEKI line were brought to perfection with the addition of the Smart Tip: Smart Traveller Alu and Smart TravellerCarbon as well as Smart Titanium and Smart Carbon.

In the durable Pad a carbide tip is integrated, which can be extended as required for use on non-paved ground. With a clever lever construction it is easy and fast to handle. Move the lever forward and push the Pad up and move the lever back to lock in position.

No more questioning where to store the dirty and dusty rubber tips during the exercise. And when ground conditions change, the carbide tip can quickly disappear inside the pad in a twinkling of an eye. Move the lever forward, pull the pad down and move the lever back to lock in chosen position. Futuristic and precisely designed this tip technology doesn’t need baskets any more.

For all ambitious Nordic Walkers LEKI offers the Smart Tip as an accessory.